Motion Control

Motion Control allows repeatable camera moves with absolute precision -
the key to perfect VFX shots.

With our motion control rigs, we offer scalable systems for a wide range of applications and budgets.

From the smallest fully programmable Pan-Tilt-Head SFH30 up to the biggest mobile motion control system - the Milo Long Arm -  we´re able to provide a tailor made solution for every project.

Many commercials and feature films come to life through impressive visual effects. Our creativity, experience and technical understanding make this possible.

Further information and sample work can be found on our mastermoves webpage.

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Bolt X on track

Bolt X on track - Größte Reichweite aller Highspeed Robots


The Bolt X offers an unmatched range of 3.2m.
As a result, this leads to more flexibility on set:
Less modification, more options and even more speed.

The Bolt X moves a payload of 20kg at a camera speed of 9.7 m/s when stationary.
An unbelievable 14 m/s are reached on rails.
The maximum lens height is 4.3 m. 18m of track available.

The Bolt X is the perfect rig for live action shots and is also suitable for music videos.
For Commercials the Bolt X allows fascinating tabletop moves and product shots thanks to its long range in combination with its high speed.


Bolt Mini Model Mover

Bolt Mini Model Mover


The Bolt Mini Model Mover is the newest member of the Bolt Cinebot Range.
The six-axis high-speed system can be used as a stand-alone unit or synchronized with any of our motion control rigs.
The Bolt Mini Model Mover enables complete manipulation of products with absolute repeatability, precise timing and many trigger functions.

move it. rotate it. shake it.