Our Creation-Team develops creative concepts for films and commercials. Delivering exciting content - packed in unique pictures.
Welcome to the visavis Control Room.

Camera, sound, light, grip - we know our tools.
Because we work with them every day.

From a simple microphone to the most complex motion control robot.

With the Hangar Studio we have created a unique production environment. Outside: A historical airplane hangar. Inside: A 500 sqm high-tech-studio with smart solutions that make the work easier and faster.
Our postproduction covers the entire digital workflow: From ingest to finished master, we perform all work steps in-house. This creates flexibility and fast turnaround.

Aerial photography enriches films with unique images.

Motion Control allows repeatable camera moves with absolute precision - the key to perfect VFX shots. With our motion control rigs, we offer scalable systems for a wide range of applications and budgets.


We make excellent films.

That is our claim. And that implies we are constantly evolving from project to project. So too is every single person in our team of 30 permanent colleagues and the many freelance specialists working with us.

We always start by developing an idea as a precise answer to a request, to a briefing. We explore and make use of all the possibilities story telling and moving pictures provide: sometimes it´s humour, at other times the factual engagement with a topic. Always captured, however in gripping images – ensuring the intended message reaches the target group.

For the realizatdion of our projects we have created a unique production environment. Today, we are working in our Hangar Studio with all the flexibility that comes with this opportunity: writers and directors, camera people, motion control artists, graphic designers and editors - all under one roof. 
Develop, experiment, perfect. Short ways. Direct feedback.

Our clients benefit from this broad know-how and the fast reaction times. They appreciate our intense engagement in approaching every single project. Our passion, creativity and sense of detail.

The love for our work can be seen in our award winning films.