Our Creation-Team develops creative concepts for films and commercials. Delivering exciting content - packed in unique pictures.
Welcome to the visavis Control Room.

Camera, sound, light, grip - we know our tools.
Because we work with them every day.

From a simple microphone to the most complex motion control robot.

With the Hangar Studio we have created a unique production environment. Outside: A historical airplane hangar. Inside: A 500 sqm high-tech-studio with smart solutions that make the work easier and faster.
Our postproduction covers the entire digital workflow: From ingest to finished master, we perform all work steps in-house. This creates flexibility and fast turnaround.

Aerial photography enriches films with unique images.

Motion Control allows repeatable camera moves with absolute precision - the key to perfect VFX shots. With our motion control rigs, we offer scalable systems for a wide range of applications and budgets.